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About Jaime...

Jaime Kinnear has successfully competed at a recognized level of USEA events in Area 1, bringing along many young horses to further their careers. 


Growing up, Jaime was heavily influenced by her family’s involvement and dedication to the horse racing industry.  Her family was involved in breeding, raising and training horses for racing.  It was during this time that Jaime developed her training skills working with high-strung thoroughbreds, a challenging yet extremely rewarding undertaking.


After five years working with thoroughbred racehorses, her focus evolved to helping off-the-track thoroughbreds discover new careers in the Eventing discipline, an equestrian sport that tests the skills of athleticism, agility, bravery, speed, and endurance - a perfect discipline for this hot-blooded breed.


Over the years, Jaime has developed a deep understanding of equine behavior and why horses react in certain ways.  She has passed on much of this knowledge through teaching an equine behavior course at Becker College, as well as teaching riding lessons.  She understands the need to communicate with the horse and recognizes that this is a key element in training both the horse and rider.  Jaime takes great pleasure and pride in seeing her students’ progress in building a relationship where horse and rider become one. Jaime’s riding disciplines include Eventing, Show Jumping, and Dressage, all sports in which saddle fit plays a vital role in the quest for success.


Jaime's realization of the important role of saddle fit for performance horses motivated her to obtain skills and knowledge in this field. She started working as a fitter and sales rep with a British-made saddle company, gaining valuable experience to the point where she was ready to branch out as an independent. She continues to study the most current concepts in saddle design and fitting through seminars, training and collaboration with other fitters.   

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